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Resizing multiple rows or columns
Resizing multiple rows or columns
In most worksheets, your data will tend to come in groups. For
example, you might have column and row headers in some cells
and the main body of your data collection in others. If you find
that your header cells are too wide or too short to display your
data correctly, you can resize multiple rows or columns at the
same time.
Resize multiple rows or columns
1 Select the rows or columns that you want to resize.
2 Drag the border of any selected column or row to the width or
height that you want.
TIP If you want to set a specific row height or column width,
select the rows or columns that you want to format, select and
right-click any row or column header, and choose either Column Width
or Row Height from the shortcut menu. Type the width or height in the
dialog box that appears and then click OK.
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