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Hiding rows and columns
hiding rows and columns
If you’re working with a worksheet that contains lots of data,
you might need to refer to the contents of rows or columns that
aren’t close enough on the worksheet to appear on the same
screen. Rather than scroll back and forth to access the data you
need, you can hide any intervening rows or columns so that
everything you need to see is displayed on the screen at the
same time. The rows that you hide are gone only temporarily.
The data isn’t deleted, it’s just moved out of your way while you
don’t need it.
hide rows or columns
1 Select the rows or columns that you want to hide.
2 Right-click the selection, and choose Hide from the shortcut menu.
TIP Whenever rows or columns are hidden, row numbers or
column letters are missing. For example, if rows 2 through 4 are
hidden, the first two visible rows of the worksheet are labeled row 1
and row 5. Another way that you can tell that a worksheet contains
hidden rows or columns is by the thick line that appears on the border
of the row header or column header where the rows or columns would
otherwise appear.
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