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Section 9: Printing worksheets
Printing worksheets 9
In this section:
After you create your worksheet, you can print a copy for reference, for
Previewing worksheets before printing
backup, or to distribute to your colleagues. Although you might be
tempted to print your worksheet as soon as you complete it, it’s usually
a good idea to check your work first. All you need to do to see how your
worksheet will look when it’s printed is to display the worksheet in
Backstage view. If you want to change how your worksheet will appear on the
printed page, you can do anything from changing the orientation of the
printout (that is, printing in a vertical format, called portrait mode, or a
horizontal format, called landscape mode) to scaling the worksheet to fit
within a specific number of pages. It’s easy to fine-tune margins, adjust
headers and footers, and customize a variety of other print options as well.
Choosing a printer and page size
Printing part of a worksheet
Printing row and column headings on
each page
Setting and changing print margins
Setting page orientation and scale
Creating headers and footers
Adding graphics to a header or footer
Setting and viewing page breaks
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