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Printing worksheets with current options
Printing worksheets with current options
After you enter all your data and format your worksheets so
that the data is easy to read, you can print your worksheets.
Clicking the File tab, clicking Print, and clicking the Print button
prints only the worksheet displayed on the screen. However, if
you want to print more than one worksheet at a time, such as
when you want to print several months of sales results and each
month is recorded on a separate worksheet, you can do that as
Print multiple worksheets from the same
1 Hold down the Ctrl key, and click the sheet tabs of the worksheets
that you want to print.
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Print.
4 Click the Print button.
5 Click the Return To Workbook button to exit Backstage view.
TIP If all the worksheets in a workbook are adjacent, click the
sheet tab for the first worksheet, hold down the Shift key, and
click the sheet tab for the last worksheet. Click the Quick Print button
on the Quick Access toolbar to print the selected worksheets.
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