Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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No computerese!
inserting, and deleting rows and columns, applying worksheet
themes, and coloring sheet tabs to call attention to important
you need to see all of the sales for a specific product but don’t
want to bother with the rest of the data for the moment? No
A picture is worth ten thousand words (according to Confucius;
the modern version of the saying shorts you by nine
thousand words), and in Section 12, “Summarizing data visually
using charts,” I’ll show you how to use the Excel 2013 charting
engine to create and use charts—including sparkline charts—to
Section 9, “Printing worksheets,” is all about printing your Excel
documents, whether that means printing all or just a portion
of your results. Your productivity should increase after reading
Section 10, “Customizing Excel to the way you work,” where I’ll
show you how to add commands to the Quick Access toolbar,
customize the tabs on the ribbon user interface, control which
error messages appear, define rules that Excel uses to replace
often-misspelled words, create workbooks from built-in
templates, and create custom workbook templates that you can use
to create new workbooks based on those formats.
summarize your data visually. In Section 13, “Enhancing your
worksheets with graphics,” you’ll learn just how easy it is to
insert clip art, add a special text effect, or resize a photo that
you added to a worksheet.
Section 11, “Sorting and filtering worksheet data,” provides you
with techniques that you can use to limit the data displayed in a
worksheet and determine the order in which it is presented. Do
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