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Adding graphics to a header or a footer
Adding graphics to a header or a footer
Creating attractive and professional-looking printouts helps
you communicate your message better. Often, the addition of
a simple graphic to a header or footer gives your worksheet
a truly professional appearance. You might want to create
printouts that include your company’s letterhead or logo or a
graphic related to the information on your worksheet. An
excellent way to include graphics on every printed page is to place
them into the header and footer of your worksheet.
Include a graphic in a header or footer
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Text.
3 Click Header & Footer.
4 Click in the section of the header or footer where you want your
graphic to appear.
5 Click the Picture button.
6 In the From a File section, click Browse.
7 Navigate to the folder that contains the picture that you want to
8 Double-click the image.
CAUTIoN If the graphic is larger than the area allotted for the
header or footer, the image will cover up some of the worksheet
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