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Moving the Quick Access toolbar
Moving the Quick Access toolbar
When you install Excel 2013, the Quick Access toolbar appears
at the top of the Excel program window, above the ribbon. To
get to that area of the screen by using your mouse, you move
the mouse pointer toward the top of the screen. When your
mouse pointer stops going up, move to the left or right to click
the Quick Access toolbar button that you want to use.
If you want to add a large number of commands to the Quick
Access Toolbar or if you’d prefer to have its buttons closer to the
body of a worksheet, you can display the Quick Access toolbar
below the ribbon instead of above it. As with all other interface
changes, you can always put it back on top if you think that
position better fits your workflow.
Move the Quick Access toolbar
1 Right-click any command on the Quick Access toolbar.
2 Click Show Quick Access Toolbar Below The Ribbon.
1 2
TIP You can change the order of the buttons on the Quick
Access Toolbar by displaying the Quick Access Toolbar page of
the Excel Options dialog box, clicking the command that you want to
move, and then clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.
TRY ThIS Select a button on the ribbon, and add it to the
Quick Access toolbar by right-clicking the button and choosing
Add To Quick Access Toolbar.
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