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Adding and reordering ribbon elements
Adding and reordering ribbon elements
Excel 2013 enhances your ability to customize the entire ribbon
user interface. The ribbon consists of several elements: tabs,
which are designated by the clickable words at the top of the
ribbon (for example, Home, Insert, and Page Layout); groups,
which are named collections of commands (such as the Font
group on the Home tab); and commands, which are individual
items within a group (such as the Bold button in the Home tab’s
Font group). In Excel 2013, you can add and reorder ribbon
elements to best suit your workflow. The only limitation is that you
can add commands only to custom groups, not built-in groups.
Add a command to a ribbon tab
1 Right-click any ribbon tab.
2 Click Customize The Ribbon.
3 Click the Choose Commands From down arrow.
4 Click the category from which you want to choose the command.
5 Click the command that you want to add.
6 Click the tab to which you want to add the command.
7 Click the group or command that you want the new command to
appear to the right of on the ribbon.
8 Click Add.
9 Click OK.
TIP To restore the ribbon to the same configuration it had
when you installed Excel 2013, right-click anywhere on the
ribbon, click Customize The Ribbon, click Reset, click Reset All
Customizations, and then click OK. If you want to remove the changes from a
specific ribbon tab, click that tab in the Main Tabs pane, click Reset,
click Reset Only Selected Ribbon Tab, and then click OK.
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