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Defining AutoCorrect entries
Defining AutoCorrect entries
You’re bound to make typing mistakes when you spend a lot
of time at the keyboard. In fact, slowing down doesn’t help; the
more slowly you go, the more likely you are to hit the wrong
team has identified the most common mistakes resulting from
popular misspellings, letter transpositions, and errors that are
the result of not pressing the Spacebar fast enough to put a
space between words. If one of the words that Excel identifies as
an error is actually correct (for example, you work with a client
corporation named Idae, a popular misspelling of the word
idea), you can delete that entry from the AutoCorrect list.
Over the years, many Excel users have allowed the
programming team to monitor their typing, which means that the Excel
Create an AutoCorrect entry
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
3 Click Proofing.
4 Click AutoCorrect Options.
5 Type the text to be replaced.
6 Type the text with which to replace the previous entry.
7 Click Add.
8 Click OK in the AutoCorrect dialog box.
9 Click OK.
TIP Many users type the same text frequently, such as
“Payment is due within 30 days. If payment is made within 10
days, you may deduct 2% from the total amount due.” If you often type
this text, you could create an AutoCorrect entry that replaces the
phrase Net30/2 with the text describing the payment terms already
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