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Controlling AutoFormat rules
Controlling AutoFormat rules
When you enter data into an Excel worksheet, the program
examines the data to determine whether it fits specific patterns.
For example, if you enter an Internet address for a website, the
program changes the address’s formatting from plain text to a
hyperlink. Users can then click the hyperlink to display the site
referred to by the link. Other rules cause Excel to include new
rows of data in nearby Excel tables and fill formulas throughout
an Excel table column. You can control these behaviors by using
the tools on the AutoFormat As You Type tab of the
AutoCorrect dialog box.
Control AutoFormat rules
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
3 Click Proofing.
4 Click AutoCorrect Options.
5 Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
6 Clear the check boxes next to the rules that you want to turn off, or
select the check boxes next to the rules that you want to turn on.
7 Click OK in the AutoCorrect dialog box.
8 Click OK.
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