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Sorting worksheet data
Sorting worksheet data
You can sort a group of rows in a worksheet in a number of
ways, but the first step is to identify the column that includes
the values by which to sort the rows. After you select the
column by which you want to sort the worksheet, you can
choose whether to display the sorted values in ascending or
descending order. For example, if you have a list of products
that your company sells with each product’s sales in the same
row, you could sort the worksheet by the contents of the sales
column in descending order to discover which products
generated the most revenue for your company. You could sort the
worksheet rows in ascending order to put the lowest-revenue
products at the top of the list. If you want to sort by the
contents of more than one column, you can create a multicolumn
sort. One handy use for a multicolumn sort is to sort your
products by category and then by total sales.
Sort data in ascending or descending order
1 Click any cell in the column by which you want to sort your data.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Follow either of these steps:
a Click the Sort Ascending button in the Sort & Filter group on the
b Click the Sort Descending button in the Sort & Filter group on
the ribbon.
TIP The names of the sorting buttons in the Data tab’s Sort &
Filter group change to reflect the type of data in the column to
be sorted. If the column contains numbers, the buttons are named Sort
Smallest To Largest and Sort Largest To Smallest; for text, the buttons
are named Sort A To Z and Sort Z To A; for dates, they are named Sort
Oldest To Newest and Sort Newest To Oldest.
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