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Sorting worksheet data
Create a multicolumn sort
1 Select a cell in the data list or Excel table you want to sort.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Sort.
4 Click the Sort By down arrow and then click the first column by
which you want to sort.
5 Click the Sort On down arrow and then click the criteria by which
you want to sort.
6 Click the Order down arrow.
7 Select the A to Z item or the Z to A item to indicate the order in
which the column’s values should be sorted.
8 Click Add Level.
9 If necessary, repeat steps 4–8 to set the columns and order for
additional sorting rules.
10 Click OK.
TIP Be sure there are no blank rows or columns in the data
you want to sort. Gaps in your worksheet can cause Excel to sort
a subset of your data.
CAUTIoN If you don’t have a column with a unique value in
each cell, such as a product number or customer identification
number, you might not be able to put your worksheet back to its
original order.
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