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Creating a custom sort list
Creating a custom sort list
When you sort column data, Excel sorts numbers according to
their values and words in alphabetical order, but that pattern
doesn’t work for some sets of values. For example, sorting the
months of the year in alphabetical order puts February in front
of January. To avoid those errors, Excel comes with four custom
lists: days of the week, abbreviations for days of the week,
months, and abbreviated month names. You can have Excel sort
based on those lists, or if you want to create a custom list of
your own, you can do so. Because the day and abbreviated day
name lists begin with Sunday, you could create a new list
beginning with Monday to reflect your business schedule.
Define a custom list of values
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
3 Click Advanced.
4 In the General section of the Advanced page, click Edit Custom
5 Click New List.
6 Type the custom list that you want. Separate each entry by pressing
7 Click Add.
8 Click OK twice to close the Custom Lists dialog box and the Excel
Options dialog box, respectively.
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