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Filtering data quickly with AutoFilter
Filtering data quickly with AutoFilter
An important aspect of working with large amounts of data
is the ability focus in on the most important data in a
worksheet, whether that data represents the best 10 days of sales
in a month or slow-selling product lines that you might need
to reevaluate. In Excel 2013, you have a number of powerful,
flexible techniques that you can use to limit the data displayed
in your worksheet. One of those techniques is to filter the
contents of a worksheet. You can filter a data list or Excel table by
selecting individual values, creating a rule, or by searching for
values within a field.
Create a selection filter
1 Click any cell in the range that you want to filter.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Filter.
4 Click the filter arrow for the column by which you want to filter your
5 Select the check boxes next to the values by which you want to
filter the list.
Click OK.
TIP When you create a custom AutoFilter, the menu item
changes to reflect the type of data in the column (date, text,
number, and so on).
TRY ThIS To select just a few items, clear the Select All check
box and then select the check boxes next to the items that you
want to appear in your worksheet.
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