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Validating data for correctness during entry
validating data for correctness during entry
Just as you can limit the data displayed by your worksheets, you
can limit the data entered into them. Setting validation rules for
data entered into cells lets you catch many of the most common
data-entry errors, such as entering values that are too small or
too large or attempting to enter a word in a cell that requires a
number. When you create a validation rule, you can also create
a message to inform you and your colleagues what sort of data
is expected for the cell.
Create a validation rule
1 Select the cells that you want to validate.
2 On the Data tab, click the Data Validation button’s down arrow.
3 Click Data Validation.
4 Click the Allow down arrow.
5 Click the type of data that you want to allow.
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TIP If you want to highlight all of the cells in your worksheet
that have validation criteria, click the Home tab on the ribbon,
click Find & Select, and then click Data Validation.
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