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Creating a chart
Creating a chart
To present your Excel data graphically, select the cells you want
to summarize, click the Insert tab, and then use the controls in
the Chart gallery to select the chart type that’s best for your
data and the message you want to get across.
chart, which might display monthly sales for several years, can
have many series.
You can create a chart manually, or you can create a chart that
the program recommends. The Recommended Charts gallery,
which is new in Excel 2013, displays a set of charts that you can
create based on your data. All you need to do is click the chart
that you want and confirm your choice. In either case, you can
then easily change a chart’s appearance to suit your preferences.
The cells with the data to be represented in the chart are part of
one or more data series. A series is a collection of related data,
such as all sales for a particular product or the sales for each
day of a month. A bar chart could contain just one series; a line
Create a chart
1 Click a cell in the data list that you want to summarize.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click the type of chart that you want to create.
4 Click the chart subtype that you want to use.
TIP Pressing F11 creates a chart of the default type (a column
chart, unless you’ve changed it), with the default layout and
formatting, on a new workbook sheet. Pressing Alt+F1 creates a similar
chart on the same worksheet as your data.
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