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Formatting chart legends and titles
Formatting chart legends and titles
An important part of creating an informative, easily read chart is
to describe the contents of the chart. Two of the chart elements
that you can add to describe your Excel charts are legends and
titles. A legend is an index of categories in a chart and the color
used to describe them. For example, a sales chart comparing
monthly sales for several years might display the first year in
yellow, the second year in blue, and the third year in red. The
legend identifies those relationships so that you can read the
chart accurately. The chart’s title provides an overall summary of
the chart’s contents and can be as simple as a single word, such
as Sales or Transactions .
Show or hide a chart legend
1 Click the chart that you want to format.
2 Click the Chart Elements button.
3 Select or clear the Legend check box.
4 If desired, position the mouse pointer over the Legend item in the
Chart Elements list and click the triangle that appears at the right
edge of the list.
5 Click any of the items to choose that option, or click More Options
for greater control.
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