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Adding and removing data labels and grid lines
Adding and removing data labels and grid lines
When you summarize numerical data in a chart, you can easily
see the relative values of the data points within the chart. If a
column is taller than another, you know the first column
represents a larger value than the second. Adding grid lines helps you
estimate the value represented by a point on a line or a column,
but the chart won’t display the exact values unless you add data
labels. Data labels, as the name implies, display the exact value
represented by each chart data point so that the value it
represents is unambiguous.
Add and remove data labels
1 Click the chart that you want to format.
2 Click the Chart Elements button.
3 Select or clear the Data Labels check box.
4 If desired, position your mouse pointer over Data Labels and click
the triangle that appears.
Click an option to apply it, or click More Options for greater control.
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