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Adding and deleting data series
Adding and deleting data series
Charts summarize worksheet data and, in many cases, you will
include all of the data in a collection. For example, you could
have sales data for each month of a year and create a column
chart with a column for each month. In other cases, your data
collection might have different types of data. One column
might contain monthly sales, the next might contain the sales
goal for the month, and the third might display the difference
between actual sales and the target. In that case, you might
want to limit the data in your chart to just the column
summarizing monthly sales. You can add or remove data series from
your chart to create exactly the summary you want.
Add a new series
1 Click the chart that you want to change.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Select Data.
4 Click Add.
5 Click the cell that contains the name for the series.
6 Click in the Series Values box.
7 Select the cells that you want to add.
8 Click OK.
9 Click OK.
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