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Creating a stock chart
Creating a stock chart
When you pick a type of chart or graph to present your data,
you’ll probably consider pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts.
Those chart types are used most often because of their
familiarity and their straightforward presentation of the relationships
between elements of a data series. However, you can use other
types of charts when appropriate. One of those chart types is
the stock chart, which you can use to present stock market data.
Create a stock chart
1 Select the stock data that you want to chart. Be sure that the data is
formatted as shown in the figure.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Other Charts.
4 Click a Stock chart subtype.
TIP Several stock chart subtypes are available, each of which
requires a different set of data columns. When you hover your
mouse pointer over a chart subtype, Excel displays information about
the subtype and the data it requires.
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