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Summarizing data using sparklines
Summarizing data using sparklines
Creating charts in Excel 2013 workbooks enables you to
summarize your data visually, using legends, labels, and colors to
highlight aspects of your data. It is possible to create very small
charts to summarize your data in an overview worksheet, but
you can also use sparklines to create compact, informative
charts that provide valuable context for your data.
approximately the same space as a word of printed text. In Excel
2013, a sparkline occupies a single cell, which makes it ideal
for use in summary worksheets. You can create three types
of sparklines: line, column, and win/loss. The line and column
sparklines are compact versions of the standard line and column
charts. The win/loss sparkline indicates whether a cell value is
positive (a win), negative (a loss), or zero (a tie).
Edward Tufte introduced sparklines in his book Beautiful Evidence ,
with the goal of creating charts that imparted information in
Create a line or column sparkline
1 Select the cells that you want to summarize.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 In the Sparklines group, click Line or Column.
4 Click the Location Range box.
5 Click the cell where you want the sparkline to appear.
6 Click OK.
TIP A sparkline fits into a single worksheet cell, which leaves
no room for labels. For that reason, you have to select only the
data to be summarized, not the category labels.
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