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Section 13: Enhancing your worksheets with graphics
Enhancing your
worksheets with
In this section:
When you create a worksheet, your first consideration is to ensure
Adding an image to a worksheet
that the data is stored in an understandable format and that all the
formulas produce the expected results. However, after you take care of
the worksheet’s structure, you should ensure that you and your colleagues
can comprehend the data easily. One way that you can help you and
your colleagues understand the data in your worksheet is to add drawing
objects—such as boxes, stars, and banners—to make your annotations and
labels stand out.
Creating and editing drawing objects
Adding text to drawing objects
Changing the appearance of drawing
Aligning and grouping drawing objects
Adding WordArt to a worksheet
Another way you can present business data in an Excel worksheet is to
create a diagram. In Excel, diagrams encompass common business items
such as Venn diagrams, which show the intersection of several data sets,
and organization charts, which describe the hierarchy of a company or
other organization.
Inserting clip art into a worksheet
Creating common business diagrams
Creating an organization chart
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