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Section 13: Enhancing your worksheets with graphics
Working with graphics in your worksheets
When you add graphics to your worksheets, you can use the
Insert tab on the ribbon. The buttons on the Insert tab let
you add lines, shapes of many different types, and images to
your worksheets. After you create a drawing object, you can
change its line color or, if the object has an interior space, fill
that space with a color or pattern of your choosing. Another
way you can make your images and drawing objects stand
out is to add a shadow so that the objects appear to float
above the surface of the worksheet. Hard shadows, which
you create with black lines, mark the shadowed object as
separate from the surrounding items. A softer shadow, one
created with a lighter shade of gray, makes the shadowed
object appear as part of the collection of objects on the
worksheet. You can also add a reflection to an image, adding
depth to the image and implying that the worksheet contains
a reflective surface.
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