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Adding drawing objects to a worksheet
Adding drawing objects to a worksheet
Adding graphics or pictures of items described in your
worksheets makes it easier to understand the data in those
worksheets, but you’re not limited to adding images from other
sources. If you want, you can add drawing objects to your
worksheets. For example, you can add shapes such as rectangles
and lines to your worksheets, both to add visual interest and to
convey additional information about your worksheet’s contents.
Add a simple shape
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Illustrations.
3 Click Shapes.
4 Click the button representing the shape that you want to add.
Drag to where you want your shape to appear.
TIP To create a circle or square instead of an oval or rectangle,
hold down the Shift key while you drag the mouse pointer.
TIP You can display a list of the shapes and other objects on a
worksheet by clicking any drawing object and then. on the
Format tab, clicking Selection Pane. You can show or hide all objects, or
you can click an object’s name in the Selection Pane to show or hide
just the selected object.
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