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Adding text to a shape
Adding text to a shape
Shapes can represent abstract concepts, such as steps in a
procedure, or they can highlight part of a worksheet, but plain
shapes don’t communicate specific information well. You can
add explanatory text, such as one-word or two-word captions
describing the contents of a cell, to make your worksheet’s
contents easier to understand. If the standard formatting of your
shape’s text doesn’t meet your needs, you can always change its
appearance by using the controls on the Home tab.
Add text to any shape
1 Click the shape.
Type the text that you want, and then click outside the shape.
Format text in a shape
1 Click the shape.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Using the controls in the Font and Alignment groups on the ribbon,
follow any of these steps:
a Click the Font down arrow and then click the font that you want
to use.
b Click the Font Size down arrow and then click the font size.
c Click the Font Color down arrow and then click a color.
d Use the other controls to assign bold, italic, underline, and other
formatting options.
CAUTIoN If your text doesn’t fit in the shape, you see only
the first part of the text you added. To view the rest of the text,
you can enlarge the shape or make the text’s font size smaller.
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