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Resizing and rotating pictures and objects
Resizing and rotating pictures and objects
After you add a picture or drawing object to a worksheet, you
can change the object’s size to have it take up more or less
space on the sheet. You can also rotate the object to change its
orientation on the page. Rotating an image a little to one side
can imply action or fun, while turning an image upside down
indicates something a bit more unconventional. Of course, if
your image is upside down when you add it to your worksheet,
you can rotate it to its “normal” position. Also, if you find that
you want to work only with the foreground element of the
image, Excel 2013 provides a background removal tool that you
can use to edit the image.
Resize a picture or object
1 Click the object that you want to resize.
Hover over one of the white handles surrounding the object, and
drag the handle to the size that you want.
TIP Some shapes, such as trapezoids, have a sizing control
shaped like a yellow diamond near one of the shape’s sides. You
can drag the yellow diamond to control the length of one side of the
shape, such as the top of a trapezoid.
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