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Resizing and rotating pictures and objects
Rotate a picture or object
1 Click the object that you want to rotate.
2 If necessary, click the Format tab.
3 Follow either of these steps:
a In the Arrange group, click Rotate and then select how you want
to rotate the object.
b Hover over the rotation handle (the white circular arrow), and
then drag the handle to rotate the object to the angle that you
TIP When you select an object, your object’s size dimensions
appear in the Size group on the Format tab on the ribbon. If you
want to resize your object to a specific size, such as 1.53” wide by 1.77”
high, you can type those values directly into the group’s fields. You can
also click the spin control at the right edge of the fields to increase or
decrease a dimension by 0.1” per click.
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