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Aligning and grouping drawing objects
Aligning and grouping drawing objects
One important design element is ensuring that any objects you
add to your worksheets are aligned properly, both in relation
to the edges of the worksheet and to any other objects. If you
want a number of your objects to line up with each other, such
as aligning all objects with the left edge of the page, you can
do so. In a similar manner, if you want to work with a set of
objects as a single unit, such as three text boxes that you want
to appear together regardless of position, you can define the
objects as a group and work with them as a single entity.
Align objects
1 Hold down the Ctrl key, and click the objects that you want to align.
2 If necessary, click the Format tab.
3 Click Align.
Click how you want to align your objects.
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