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Creating a recommended PivotTable
Creating a recommended PivotTable
Excel workbooks enable you to store and summarize large data
collections effectively. As versatile as Excel tables and
formulas are, they are static. After you create a data arrangement
or summary in a standard worksheet, you can change it only
by copying, pasting, or moving your data and altering your
formulas. You can extend those capabilities by creating
PivotTables. PivotTables are powerful and versatile tools that let you
rearrange, sort, and filter your data dynamically, without editing
your data or changing any formulas.
Create a recommended PivotTable
1 Click any cell in the Excel table or data list that you want to
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Recommended PivotTables.
4 Click the PivotTable that you want to create.
3 2
Click OK.
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