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Inserting and changing a diagram
Inserting and changing a diagram
A number of diagram types are probably familiar to most
business people: the pyramid, which shows a hierarchical
relationship; the target, which uses a ring of concentric circles
to display the approach to a target; the Venn diagram, which
shows the intersection of items in various sets; and the cycle,
which displays the steps in a repeating process. Rather than
create these diagrams on your own, you can have Excel create
the basic diagram, and then you can fill in the details. After you
create the diagram, you can apply an AutoFormat to alter its
Insert a diagram
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Illustrations.
3 Click SmartArt.
4 Click the category of SmartArt that you want to create.
5 Click the specific diagram that you want to add to your worksheet.
Click OK.
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