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Adding an equation to a shape
Adding an equation to a shape
You can use Excel 2013 to analyze your data in many ways, but it
can be difficult to understand exactly how your formulas
calculate their values. If you want to display the equation that you use
to calculate a value, you can add that mathematical equation to
the interior of a shape. To add an equation to a shape, click the
shape, and then click the Insert tab. In the Symbols group, click
Equation, and then click the Equation Tools Design tab on the
ribbon to display the equation-editing interface.
Add a model equation
1 Click the shape to which you want to add an equation.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Symbols.
4 Click the Equation button’s down arrow.
5 Click the equation that you want to add.
4 3
TIP You can edit the model equation’s elements after you
create the equation.
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