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Reordering objects
Reordering objects
Objects in an Excel worksheet exist in layers. The worksheet
layer holds the worksheet’s cells, the background layer holds
any images that you display behind the worksheet, and the
drawing layer holds items such as shapes and clip art. When
you add an object such as a shape or image to a worksheet,
Excel places that object on the drawing layer and in front of
all existing objects. That’s why moving a newer object into the
same space as an older object obscures the older object. You
can change the order of objects on the drawing layer to get the
effect that you want.
Change the order of objects
1 Click the object that you want to move.
2 If necessary, click the Format tab.
3 Follow either of these steps:
a Click the Bring Forward down arrow, and then select whether to
bring the object to the front of the stack or to move it up one
b Click the Send Backward down arrow, and then select whether to
send the object to the back of the stack or to move it back one
TIP When you click the Bring Forward arrow, you will also see
the Bring To Front option, which moves a selected object in
front of all other objects. Similarly, clicking the Send Backward arrow
shows the Send To Back option, which sends the selected object to the
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