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Section 14: Sharing Excel data with other programs
Introducing linking and embedding
Excel works wonderfully as a stand-alone program, but it
really shines when you use it in combination with other
programs. One way to use Excel in conjunction with other
programs is to include in your worksheets files created in other
programs, such as graphics, Word documents, or PowerPoint
presentations. You can add these objects to your workbooks
through linking and embedding.
it in the file. The advantage of embedding an object in an
Excel file is that you don’t have to worry about the graphic,
chart, or image not being available because the person
who created the workbook didn’t include the graphic. If you
create a workbook with embedded files, you can open your
workbook anywhere and be certain that your graphics are
Keep in mind several important things when you consider
whether to link to an object or embed it in a worksheet. As
the name implies, embedding an object stores a copy of the
object in the workbook. For example, if you want to add a
company logo to an invoice generated from table data, you
can identify the graphic and indicate that you want to embed
A disadvantage of embedding objects in workbooks is
that the embedded files can be large and can dramatically
increase the size of your workbooks. Although a single
lowresolution logo meant to be viewed on a computer monitor
probably won’t have much of an impact on your file’s size,
the same image rendered at a resolution suitable for printing
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