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Section 14: Sharing Excel data with other programs
might double the size of the workbook. If you embed more
than one image—or more than one copy of the same
image—you might make your file unworkably large.
copies of the same file if you link to it more than once. The
advantage of linking is that you save disk space, but the
disadvantage is that moving the workbook from computer
to computer can be difficult unless you have the extra files
when you travel or distribute the workbook to colleagues.
When you want to include more than one image or external
file in an Excel workbook, you should consider creating a link
to the files. For example, rather than embed many copies of
a high-resolution logo in your worksheets, you can save the
logo file on your hard disk and link to the file’s location on
your computer. Excel uses the reference to find the file and
display it as part of the workbook. The workbook will be no
larger than it was originally, and you won’t need multiple
In general, embedding an object in an Excel workbook works
best if you use the object only once in the workbook and
if you have room to store the workbook with the
embedded object. Otherwise, such as when you use the same file
multiple times in the same workbook, you need to link to the
file instead.
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