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Exchanging table data between Excel and Word
Exchanging table data between Excel and Word
Just as you can create workbooks to store and manipulate
financial and other data in Excel, you can use Word to create
reports and other text documents to interpret and provide
valuable context for your worksheet data. Word documents can also
present data in tables, which are arranged in rows and columns
like a worksheet. For example, if you receive a report from a
traveling colleague in which she created a table listing the prices
of popular products at a competitor’s store, you can copy the
data from the Word document to an Excel worksheet for direct
comparison. You can also go in the opposite direction, copying
Excel data to a table in Word.
Paste Word data into Excel
1 In Word, select the table that you want to import into Excel.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Copy button.
4 In Excel, click the cell in which you want the upper-left table cell to
5 Click the Home tab.
Click Paste.
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