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Copying Excel charts and data into PowerPoint
Copying Excel charts and data into PowerPoint
It’s possible to present Excel data to your colleagues by using
Excel exclusively, but if you’re developing a formal presentation,
you might want to use PowerPoint. Because presentations often
contain graphical representations of numerical data, it’s easy to
include your Excel data in a PowerPoint presentation.
and its data. If you don’t make any changes, PowerPoint creates
the chart and maintains a link to the workbook from which it
came. You can also choose to paste the entire workbook into
PowerPoint or to paste a picture of the chart’s current state.
When you copy an Excel chart into a PowerPoint presentation,
you can select how you want PowerPoint to manage the chart
Move Excel data to PowerPoint
1 In Excel, select the cells that you want to export.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Copy button.
4 In PowerPoint, click the location where you want the pasted cells to
5 Click the Home tab.
6 Click Paste.
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