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Copying Excel charts and data into PowerPoint
Copy an Excel chart to PowerPoint
1 In Excel, select the chart that you want to export.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Copy button.
4 In PowerPoint, click the location where you want the pasted chart
to appear.
5 Click the Home tab.
6 Click the Paste button’s down arrow.
7 Follow any of these steps:
a Click the Chart (Linked To Excel Data) option to paste the
chart into the presentation and retain a live link to the source
b Click the Excel Chart (Entire Workbook) option to paste the chart
and a copy of the workbook to the presentation.
c Click the Paste As Picture option to paste an image of the chart
into the presentation.
3 2
CAUTIoN Neither of the latter two options in step 7
maintains a live link between the chart and its original workbook. In
the first case, you paste a copy of the data into the PowerPoint
presentation; in the second, you just take a picture of the chart and
paste that into the presentation.
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