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Exchanging data between Access and Excel
Exchanging data between Access and Excel
No other Microsoft Office 2013 programs have as much in
common as Access and Excel, but each program retains its
unique strengths. Where Excel offers a wide range of data
analysis and presentation tools that you can use to summarize
your data, Access is designed to let you store, manipulate, and
ask questions about large data collections. You can also use
Access queries to locate and summarize table data. Although
it is possible to look up data in an Excel worksheet, it’s much
easier to do in Access.
Paste Access table data into an Excel
1 In Access, display the table from which you want to copy the data.
2 Select the table cells that you want to copy.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click Copy.
5 In Excel, click the cell where you want the first table value to appear.
6 Click the Home tab.
7 Click the Paste button’s down arrow.
8 Click the Match Destination Formatting icon.
TIP When you position your mouse pointer over the Match
Destination Formatting icon, Excel 2013 displays a live preview
of how the data will appear when you paste it into your worksheet.
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