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Importing a text file
Importing a text file
Excel can read data from quite a few other spreadsheet and
database programs, but you might have a colleague who uses
a spreadsheet or database program that creates files that you
can’t read with Excel. If that’s the case, you can ask your
colleague to save the file as a text file, using a comma, tab, or
other character (called a delimiter) to mark the end of each
cell’s data. Even if you can’t transfer data any other way, you can
always read spreadsheet data if it’s presented to you in a text
file. Any formatting and formulas are lost, but the data will be
there for you to analyze.
Paste text into Excel
1 Click the Data tab.
2 Click Get External Data.
3 Click From Text.
4 Navigate to the folder that contains the text file that you want to
5 Double-click the text file.
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TIP If you can choose whether to have a text file created so
that it contains fixed-width or delimited values, ask for the
delimited values. Character delimiters are much easier for Excel to
detect, which means less work for you when you want to import the
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