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Sharing workbooks in Excel
Sharing workbooks in Excel
When you want to enable more than one individual to work
with a workbook simultaneously, you must turn on workbook
sharing. Workbook sharing is perfect for mid-sized businesses in
which employees need to look up customer, sales, and product
data frequently. In larger companies, turning on workbook
sharing makes it possible for coworkers at different offices to add
values to a workbook that’s used to develop a cost estimate or
to maintain expense reports.
Turn on workbook sharing
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Share Workbook.
3 Select the Allow Changes By More Than One User check box.
4 Click OK to close the dialog box.
5 Click Save to save the workbook.
TIP After you share a workbook, some options are no longer
available to you. For example, you can’t insert charts or shapes.
CAUTIoN You can’t share a workbook that contains an Excel
table. If you want to share a workbook that contains an Excel
table, you must convert the table to a normal range. The error message
that appears explains how to convert the Excel table to a normal range.
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