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Adding and viewing cell comments
Adding and viewing cell comments
When you and your colleagues share responsibility for
creating a workbook, you might want to add comments to some
cells to suggest modifications to a formula, ask whether a cell’s
contents might be formatted differently, or provide an updated
value for a workbook’s owner to add after the owner verifies the
data. Excel 2013 marks cells that contain comments by placing
a red flag at the top-right corner, making it easy for you and
your colleagues to identify which cells have additional
information available. For example, you could add a comment to a sales
worksheet explaining that two exceptionally large purchases
pushed one hour’s sales way beyond the norm.
Add a comment
1 Click the cell to which you want to add a comment.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click New Comment.
4 Type the comment that you want.
5 Click anywhere outside the comment to stop adding text.
TIP By default, Excel displays the red flag at the top-right
corner only for cells that contain comments. If you want a cell’s
comments to be shown the entire time that your workbook is open,
right-click the cell with the comment and then click Show/Hide
Comments on the shortcut menu. If a cell’s comments are shown the
entire time, you can return to showing only the indicator by
rightclicking the cell and then clicking Hide Comment. You can also click
the Show All Comments button on the ribbon to show or hide all
view a comment
1 Hover the mouse pointer over a cell with a red triangle in the
topright corner.
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