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Tracking changes in workbooks
Tracking changes in workbooks
Whenever you collaborate with a number of your colleagues
in producing or editing a workbook, you should consider
tracking the changes that each user makes. When you turn
on Track Changes, Excel 2013 highlights any changes made to
the workbook in a color assigned to the user who made the
changes. When you have a question about a change, you can
quickly identify who made it and verify that it is correct.
Turn on Track Changes
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Track Changes.
3 Click Highlight Changes.
4 Select the Track Changes While Editing check box.
5 Click OK.
TIP If your workbook’s changed cells aren’t marked, you can
have Excel display them by clicking the Review tab, clicking
Track Changes, clicking Highlight Changes, selecting the Highlight
Changes On Screen check box, and clicking OK.
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