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Accepting or rejecting changes
Accepting or rejecting changes
When you and your colleagues have made your changes to a
workbook, you can go through the workbook and accept or
reject those changes. The best way to accept or reject changes
is to move through them one at a time. Examining each change
in a large document can be tedious, but it’s far less of a hassle
to take an hour to finalize a workbook than it is to spend a day
reconstructing a workbook after you accidentally accept every
change. If you want to keep track of every change, you can
have Excel create a new worksheet named History and list every
change made since you last saved. Whenever you save your
workbook, Excel deletes the History worksheet.
view a change
1 Hover over a cell with a blue triangle in the top-left corner.
Review changes
1 Click the Review tab.
2 Click Track Changes.
3 Click Accept/Reject Changes, and then click OK to save your
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