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Surveying the Excel program window
Surveying the Excel program window
In many ways, an Excel worksheet is like the ledger in your
checkbook. The page is divided into rows and columns, and
you can organize your data by using these natural divisions
as a guide. The box formed by the intersection of a row and a
column is called a cell. You can identify an individual cell by its
column letter and row number. This combination, which
identifies the first cell in the first column as cell A1, is called a cell
reference. The following graphic shows you the important features
of the Excel 2013 screen.
Working with the user interface
Excel 2013 incorporates the ribbon user interface. In Excel 2013,
you can find what you need in one place: the ribbon at the top
of the screen.
All button
File tab
Active cell
Ribbon tab
Formula bar
Column heading
Vertical scrollbar
Title bar
New sheet button
Status bar
Horizontal scrollbar
Sheet tab
Row heading
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