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Making workbooks available on the web
Sharing a worksheet online using Lync
As Excel users become more mobile, the need to share
worksheets and communicate effectively when your team isn’t
in the same room takes on increased importance. Microsoft
Lync enables users to communicate securely anywhere that
they have network connectivity. Lync integrates voice and
video calls, Lync Meetings, and instant messaging in one
application. Lync offers a consistent and familiar experience
that’s optimized for the device, operating system, or browser
being used, including Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows
Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones.
co-editing scenarios, desktop support, troubleshooting, and
real-time demos.
The meeting presenter can give and take control over
desktop and file sharing. Participants can request control at any
time and, when given permission, can edit documents and
pass control to other users. This fluid sharing environment is
perfect for informal collaborations where the users are
commenting on and editing a document in a live setting.
Meeting hosts and presenters can also make documents
available to meeting participants. Beyond simple sharing,
the presenters and organizers can assign permissions for
individual documents based on several criteria. For example,
they can limit documents to the owner, only to co-presenters,
or make the documents available to all attendees. All of the
content and the associated permissions remain available and
in effect until the expiration date set by the meeting host.
In addition to secure communication, Lync enables teams to
share programs, such as Excel, or their entire desktop with
other meeting participants. When it’s best for your
colleagues to see your entire desktop, you can share a single
workbook. In other circumstances, such as when you’re
drawing data from multiple sources to create a workbook, you can
share your entire desktop. Desktop sharing is also useful for
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