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Using file properties
Using file properties
Finding files can be difficult on computers that you share with
your colleagues or if you’ve been using the same computer for
a long time and have created a lot of workbooks. You can make
it easier to find your files by adding descriptive terms to their
Properties fields. If you enter a term in a Properties field, you
can search using that term, even if it doesn’t occur within the
body of the workbook.
Set file properties
1 Open the file to which you want to assign property values.
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Info.
4 Click Properties.
5 Click Show Document Panel.
6 Add information describing your file.
4 5
TIP Adding words to the Keywords field is a great way to
improve search results. Just type a word, press the Spacebar,
and then type the next word. There’s no need to use commas.
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