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Sizing and viewing windows
Sizing and viewing windows
You work with windows in the Excel program the same way you
work with windows on your desktop. You can make a
workbook’s window as large as the screen itself. If you have more
than one workbook open at a time, you can choose from several
display arrangements to order the windows most effectively.
Resize a window
1 Click the Maximize button to make the window take up the
entire screen.
2 Click the Minimize button to represent the window as a button on
the taskbar.
3 Click the Restore button to return the window to its previous size.
4 Drag the left or right border of the window to resize it horizontally.
5 Drag the top or bottom border of the window to resize it vertically.
6 Drag a corner to resize the window both horizontally and vertically.
7 Drag the window’s title bar to change its position.
Title Bar
TIP The Maximize and Restore buttons are actually two states
of the same “window size” button, so you never see them on a
window at the same time.
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