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Entering data with other shortcuts
Entering data with other shortcuts
Excel gives you lots of ways to enter data quickly. The less time
you spend typing data, the more time you have to analyze and
make decisions based on what the data tells you. One way Excel
offers to help you enter data is to recognize whether the first
few characters of the text that you’re typing matches text from
another cell in the same column; if the text matches, Excel offers
to complete the rest of that text. If it’s the text that you want,
you can accept it and move on. If not, just keep typing.
A similar way Excel simplifies data entry is by letting you pick
the value for the active cell from a list of existing values in a
column. This technique is not that important for a small
worksheet, but when you’re working with page after page of data,
seeing a sorted list of possible values is a real help.
Enter data with AutoComplete
1 Type the beginning of an entry.
2 Press Tab to accept the AutoComplete value.
Pick data from a list
1 Right-click a cell in a column with existing values and then click Pick
From Drop-Down List from the shortcut menu.
2 Click the item in the list you want to enter.
CAUTIoN AutoComplete works only if the text or data you
are entering is similar to text already in the same column.
TIP You can also display the Pick From Drop-Down List items
by selecting the cell in which you want to enter the value and
pressing Alt+Down arrow.
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