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Inserting a symbol in a cell
Inserting a symbol in a cell
Not every bit of information can be communicated effectively
by using text. If your worksheet is meant for public consumption
and you mention another company’s products, you might want
to include a trademark (™) or another symbol to recognize that
company’s intellectual property. Excel—and the other Office
programs—have lots of symbols that you can use. If you use a
symbol in the course of your everyday business, you can
probably find it in Excel.
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Add a symbol to a cell
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Symbols.
3 Click Symbol.
4 Click the Font down arrow.
5 Select the font from which you want to pick the symbol.
6 Click the symbol that you want to insert.
7 Click Insert.
8 Click Close.
TIP If you want to insert more than one symbol consecutively
(in the same cell), click the first symbol, click the Insert button,
click the next symbol, click the Insert button again, and so on. When
you’re done inserting symbols, click the Close button.
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