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Creating hyperlinks
Creating hyperlinks
One of the hallmarks of the World Wide Web is that documents
published on the web can have references, or hyperlinks, to
points in the same document or to other web documents. One
great way to take advantage of this feature is to create a
workbook in which you track sales by product and have a cell at the
end of each product’s row with a hyperlink to in-depth product
information. That information could be on another worksheet
in the same workbook, in another file on your computer, or in a
file on another computer.
Add a hyperlink to files
1 Click the cell where you want to place a hyperlink.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Hyperlink.
4 Click Place In This Document.
5 Click the element to which you want to link.
6 Type the cell reference of the cell to which you want to link.
7 Type a short phrase to describe the hyperlink’s target.
8 Click OK.
TIP Excel 2013 also enables you to create links to any named
ranges or Excel tables in your workbook.
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